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Telephone Collectors International is an organization of telephone collectors, hobbyists and historians who are helping to preserve the history of the telecommunications industry through the collection of telephones and telephone related material. Our collections represent all aspects of the industry; from the very first wooden prototypes that started the industry to the technological marvels that made the automatic telephone exchange possible.

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Sample from the December 2014 Singing Wires
Secretarial Trimline®
By Frank Harrell

This set turns out to be a very special phone intended for upscale apartments or offices. In the normal position of the line switch, the phone operates like a regular 1-line Trimline set with the CO line coming in through the W/BL pair. In the other position, the incoming W/BL line is redirected back out through the W/O pair to an operator's station (presumably somewhere in the same building), so the operator can answer your calls and take messages while the rich apartment owner is out walking her French poodle and showing off her full length white mink coat. (I visualize a rich sophisticate apartment dweller out of a 1960's movie, such as....

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Sample from the October 2014 Switchers' Quarterly
Ending of an Era
By Chris Mattingly

Slowly the 1A ESS switches in this country are being replaced. We are down to our last working one here in St. Louis. That leaves several sitting dead, and most are currently being removed. Their replacement is a newer digital switch that isn't nearly as fun or rewarding to work on. It's not much fun either to see perfectly good equipment you so lovingly cared for all these years to be taken out and junked. It's also the last type of equipment we had that took a real technician to work on, who had to use schematic diagrams, a multi-meter and occasionally an oscilloscope (and I might add experience and intuition). Nowadays our work is just replacing a circuit board whenever a voice on the phone tells us to. How many years until my retirement?

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